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At Cinderella Cleaners, we believe in the power of community and word-of-mouth referrals. We're grateful for every customer who refers their friends, family, and colleagues to us. It speaks volumes about the quality of service we provide, and we're committed to maintaining our reputation as a trusted, reliable, and efficient cleaning and handyman service provider in the Gaylord, MI and surrounding areas.

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What Our Clients Think

At Cinderella Cleaners, we are immensely grateful to collaborate with our valued clients. Our commitment is to deliver premier cleaning services, but the overwhelming support and community spirit we've encountered have truly enriched our experience.

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Mike F.

Great choice for house cleaning. Leah is friendly and professional. She takes pride in her work and her prices are fair. She is very responsive and communicates well. I strongly recommend her services.

Deb P.

Karin has worked in my home, doing a wonderful job, especially in the bathrooms. I have also accompanied Karin during a condo cleaning job, while she spotlessly cleaned condos with 3 bedrooms and full kitchens.

Mary P.

Leah and Mark deep cleaned my rental house from a disaster to a livable property.My renter had been in the house! They both spent many hours getting the house cleaned, fumigation, and helped my renter get moved in and settled. Leah is continuing to clean the house for my renter bi-weekly. Leah is a real peach, and does a thorough job of cleaning.

Juliette M.

Let me tell you, I am so thankful for Cinderella Cleaners because they worked absolute magic on my house. I have been recently struggling with back problems and because of that I have let some of the more labor intensive deep cleaning stack up until it got to be a bit overwhelming, but they came in and took care of it so quickly and efficiently and boy am I impressed! My baseboards, walls, and appliances have never looked this good! If you need a cleaning service that will take care of those big messes that you can’t do, I absolutely recommend them. 11/10

A Clean Workplace is a Productive Workplace.

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